City of Oneonta Housing Authority

Board of Commissioners

In order to achieve our mission, OHA will:

  • Recognize the residents as our ultimate customer

  • Improve PHA management and service delivery efforts through oversight, assistance, and selective intervention by highly skilled, diagnostic, and results-oriented field personnel

  • Seek problem-solving partnerships with PHA, resident, community, and government leadership

  • Act as an agent for change when performance is unacceptable and we judge that local leadership is not capable or committed to improvement

  • Efficiently apply limited HUD resources by using risk assessment techniques to focus our oversight efforts


Richard A. Miller, Chair

Joanne Fisher, Vice-Chair

William Coryell, Treasurer

Lester Grummons

Kermit Weaver

Resident Commissioners

Bert Hoose

Debra Soules

Executive Director/Secretary

Kurt D. Schulte